Grand River faces budget cuts

There is more support for farmer programs

Grand River

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The province has cut $421,000 in funding for flood control from its support for the Grand River Conservation Authority, but has strengthened support for farmer-friendly programs.

The overall provincial cut is 1.5 per cent of the GRCA’s $35-million budget, or about $790,000.

Farm programs get a boost because Source Water Protection programs have been declared “core” programs. So far they have been an add-on.

That secures funding for programs such as tree planting, stream-bank buffer zones and manure storages that have long been a part of the GRCAs initiatives to protect drinking water resources.

Joe Farwell, GRCA’s chief administrative officer, told a meeting of his board of directors that he was surprised that the Source Water Protection program was declared a core program.

He said the GRCA will be challenged to make ends meet after the cuts.