Pork sales to China increase

China is now Canada's second-largest buyer, by volume, of Canadian pork.

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China is now Canada’s second-largest buyer, by volume, of Canadian pork.

So far it has been frozen pork and some items that have little appeal to Canadian shoppers, but that’s changing and fresh chilled pork exports could begin soon, according to Michael Young, vice-president for technical services and marketing for Canada Pork International.

Canada sells pork to 87 countries, but the top 10, led by the U.S., account for 97 per cent.

China has lost about seven per cent of its pig population to African Swine Fever and new outbreaks continue, albeit at a reduced pace.

Young said was Canada’s second highest year in terms volume – more than 1.2 million tonnes worth more than $3.8 billion, a 15 percent increase over 10 years ago.