Planting patience paid off this year

The season saved those who waited

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Those who were patient about planting last year fared better than those who tried to “mud in” their corn seed, said Jason Webster of Precision Planting.

“This year, by far, the biggest thing that cost us was planting in tough conditions.”

“You can put all the technology you want on a planter, but if you’re playing in the mud, you’re going to start going backwards, and we did that this year.”

In Illinois “we kept going and we didn’t take the insurance, we planted past that date (into June), and actually it didn’t hurt us to plant late this year,” said Webster.

“In most years I think it probably would, we run out of growing season, but this year we had wet corn, high moisture corn, but actually our late-planted corn yielded very well.”

It yielded 57 to 67 bushels per acre more than corn planted in April, a difference worth up to $250 per acre, he said.